Leap Higher Exercises

Jumping higher exercises will assist you enhance your jumping abilities as well as enhance your game on the court.

Believe you can jump? Then what are you doing here? Admit it, you will need a jump higher program.

Below are a few exercises you can use.

Jump rope – That’s right, although you might not end up being jumping high, you’re training all of the muscles that are involved in leaping. Take out the jumping rope anytime to improve your jumping.

Deep Knee Bend Jumps – From a standing up position, bend down but nonetheless keep your back straight, with your butt moving to the ground as if you were playing catcher. From that position, jump up as high as you can, then crouch back down and do it again. Slowly and gradually move up from 5-10 and onward.

Calf Raises – Standing on the toes, raise your heels off the ground to place some pressure on your calves. The calves are going to be part one of your body that is engaged during jumping, thus they need to be robust. Too easy for you? Add a weighted vest or ankle weights.

Backboard jumps – Standing in front of the basketball backboard, try to jump up to reach the maximum point you can. Repeat until you’re getting higher and higher with every jump.

Crunches – Your stomach is engaged in jumping, whether you realize it or not. You will want to make sure you are doing crunches regularly. Lie on your back along with your feet on the ground as well as your arms crossed in front of you. Slowly lift your shoulders and abdomen off the ground until you feel your own abs contract, then slowly lower down. Repeat as often as you can without having losing your form. You can even add weights if it gets too simple for you.

Tucking Jumps – From the standing up positing, jump, bringing the knees into your chest, then let go of your knees before you hit the ground again (that way you won’t fall).

Here is to your increased vertical jump!

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