Tips for Two Man Vball

Here are my tips for beach volleyball.

Only position the volleyball over upon two if:
* there’s no other choice
* Your partner cannot get up in time to hit and also tells you to place the ball over
* There is a huge opening, or the initial pass is tight to the net and you can hit.

Don’t sway whilst waiting for the actual serve.

Get the sand off the ball during warm-up hitting.

Defend deep and think short.

Verbally (and nonverbally) connect all the time (i.e. “I’ve got middle,” “nice set,” “one more point a then switch”).

Get down low on defense.

Don’t miss two serves back to back.

Scout other teams and serve to the one who can’t kill or can’t pass.

Check the wind. If you have an option, take the blowing wind in your face rather than the serve.

Land on two feet after a hit.

Be sure all the players are ready before a serve.

During the match, you get 2 1 minute time outs. Rely on them when you’re five points behind or the other team is catching up.

Check the court for pebbles, glass, and shells before the game.

Error long instead of short on each serve.

Use a variety of serve styles (i.e. sky ball, hard overhand, floater, jump serves).

Keep your passes and sets lower in windy conditions.

Good luck with the upcoming beach season!!!

See you on the court.

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